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"We have been using Accel for a little over 2 years now and we are extremely happy. Right from the start, we felt that Accel was really on top of things. They keep our records up to date and more importantly ensure their accuracy. I would have no hesitation referring Accel to anyone who is looking for competent and efficient bookkeeping and business management service."
Mark T. - President/CEO Property Management Group
"I am a creative thinker — not a numbers guy! As the owner of a small but growing advertising agency, I recognized a need to pay attention to my company's financial picture on a more frequent and regular basis (you know, “what gets measured gets done”). I was not ready to hire a full-time onsite accountant, so Accel Financial Services fit the bill. What was interesting, though was how the Accel team went beyond the organization of my numbers and reports. They have enough insight to my business that they are a great sounding board for all my financial decisions and growth. They have great ideas and help me stay accountable to my business, employees, vendors, and clients. We hold a weekly “snapshot call” and then “close out the month” meetings and quarterly reviews so I can be sure I am making the best decisions for my cash flow. Our agency revenue has steadily grown by at least 50% every year since working with Accel, and I know EXACTLY why and how the numbers work because of them. They have developed special reports to track things like growth, employee value, and gross profits — they recently helped me add profit sharing for my employees. If you’re only using Accel as accountants, you’re missing out, and if you are not using Accel as accountants, you are missing out. These guys think strategically --like a CFO. I consider them confidants. I call them for many things — just to run an idea past them, or even to let them know when we’ve landed a new account. They get excited about the things I do. They have gotten to know MY personality and MY business. I consider them part of MY team."
Rob - Founder and Chief Creative Officer, Creative Group
“Accel has changed the way we look at our business. In the past, important decisions were often based upon cash on hand. Now, we are forced to take a hard look at our financials, variable expenses, and most importantly our sales forecast. Thanks to Accel we are better prepared for significant growth and the possibility of a short downturn in our business. To be honest, it is very difficult to quantify the peace of mind their service gives a growing organization. It is refreshing to work with them not only because of their commitment to customer service but willingness to challenge the way we have always done things.”
Marc M - President, Legal Document Processing and Analytics
“The team at Accel Financial Services has played an invaluable role in our ability to grow our business over the last few years. Their service level and attention to detail have always been great, and our Team has always felt that our partners at Accel truly felt a sense of ownership in our organization and our success. They have a great deal of expertise in a broad array of disciplines related to corporate finance and accounting. As our business has grown and become more complex, Accel Financial Services has been instrumental in ensuring that our numbers are accurate, up to date, and organized in a way that helps us make better business decisions. They have always been able to help us look at what could be an overwhelming amount of information and quickly discern what the key factors are, and they have always been able to then take that information and ensure that we are making wise business decisions. We've got a great deal of trust in our friends at Accel, and they are an important part of our team.”
Chris - CEO, Digital Marketing Company
“Accel Financial Services has totally reshaped the way we view and operate our business. Before Accel, we were operating our business day-to-day and then would later see where we ended up. Accel has assisted us in incorporating a vision, setting both long and short-term goals, allowing us to see the small steps on the way to achieving our goals. We are not sure how we ever operated without that viewpoint. It's like putting on glasses and clearly viewing your business when you didn't even realize it was blurry before."
Craig - Founder CEO, Creative Group