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Accel helps clients focus on their profitability.  Not just overall, but on a client by client basis.  We are constantly looking at answering questions like:

  • Which clients are making you the most money?
  • Are you charging enough for your services?
  • Which clients have the highest margin for you?
  • Which clients are costing you money?
  • Would an increase in volume for a particular client be detrimental to your profitability?
  • Which line of business is the most profitable within your company?
  • Which department does the best job managing expenses?

Let us help you discover the clients who help your bottom line the most and identify those clients who could and/or need to be more beneficial to your business.

Balance Sheet

Most business owners are focused only on the Income Statement and Net Profit, if that.  But the Balance Sheet is the single most important financial report that your company has... and it is generally the least understood by business owners.

  • It is a running history of your business.
  • It is the single biggest indicator of the health of your business.
  • If you need to get financing from a bank, the balance sheet will be the report that they will rely on most heavily.
  • It will be the first report your CPA looks at to prepare your tax return.

It is imperative that your books and records be kept correctly and there are drastic consequences if they are not.  Unfortunately, most people think they do this correctly...but most are usually wrong.  We ensure that with each engagement we are focused on the health of your company as well as its profitability!


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