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Reporting and Strategy

One of our core strengths is reporting and situational analytics.  We thrive in the boardroom with our clients and make sure that we are a part of the advisory team...not just a “reporter of numbers”.  Spend more time implementing what you learn from reports instead of producing the reports!

Custom Reporting

We create custom reports that will easily allow you to easily assess your financial and operational information to easily extract what is meaningful.  Ever get frustrated that there should be a report somewhere that would tell you about a particular aspect of your company that you want to see?  We will not only create this report for you, but will monitor your needs and adjust the reporting to meet those changes!

Dashboard Reporting

One of our biggest requests is for weekly Dashboard Reporting.  It has become more and more important for business executives to have the relevant information at their fingertips.  More and more executives need reporting that is easily accessible and viewable on their various mobile devices.  Our dashboard reports look beautiful on tablets making them extremely easy to review on the move.  Each dashboard is custom created to show what is the most important information to you and your company.  We monitor what is important to you and adjust the reporting to fit your changing needs.

Monthly Reporting

We provide a compressive set of reports to close out each month suitable for any Board of Directors.  Each report set is custom designed to not only have rock solid financial statements and forecasts for the future, but to reflect and dissect the crucial points of emphasis necessary to take the business to the next level.


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