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About Company

Accel Financial Services specializes in custom accounting, financial, and operational solutions for smalltomediumsized businesses. We thrive in the boardroom where we provide critical insight and planning to help our clients achieve their individual goals for their businesses.

Our goal is to increase your effectiveness through custom financial modeling and operational analysis not available inhouse and too costly to employ on a fulltimebasis. We bring the highpowered analytics of large companies to smalltomediumsized businesses in an affordable manner.

Accelerate: (verb)–To cause faster or greater activity, development, progress, or advancement.To reduce the time required to reach a goal or destination.


Efficiency: (noun)–The ability to accomplish a job with a minimum expenditure of time and effort.

At Accel, we believe profitability is a result of operating in an efficient manner. Whether through automated financial and productivity reporting, streamlining processes, or through the development and measurement of business driving matrices, we helpyou do more while doing less.This increased efficiencyallows you to concentrate on running your business using your core business strengths. By working together, we can accelerateyour business.


Andy Leonard is the Founder of Accel Financial Services. An Atlanta Georgia native, Andy graduated from Georgia Tech and has worked his entire career on the financial side of large and small businesses. Andy started his career in Mergers & Acquisitions where he led the financial due diligence of seven acquisitions, taking a company from $58 million annual revenues to $302 million in just 17 months. From there, Andy managed the budgeting and financial planning for a $600 million entity. Most recently, Andy finished up an almost three year stint as Chief Financial Officer of a software startup in Scottsdale, Arizona.  Knowing the importance of accurate numbers and a solid financial plan, Andy founded Accel Financial Services in August 2005. The purpose: take the powerful knowledge of the big corporations and make that knowledge available to the small business owner at an affordable price. When not in the office, Andy is at home with his loving and supportive wife and the two best kids in the world ....and can occasionally be found on the golf course or on a Disney Cruise!