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When should I hire?

Thinking about hiring that next key employee?  How will this affect your upcoming payroll expense?  What benefits will those additional expenses bring to your company?

Accel Financial's custom payroll templates and cost-benefit analysis streamline this decision-making process.  The results of these analyses will show break even points between productivity and payroll.  You will know the level of production you will need from a potential employee.  You will be able to decide what the employee's payroll needs to be in order to maintain a desired profitability level.  You will know whether your company will benefit from the payroll addition and by how much.

Payroll Processing

Do you spend way too much time processing payroll?  Imagine what you could accomplish if you could focus your time elsewhere.  Accel can make payroll easy.  We have the systems in place to ensure that payroll is processed correctly each and every time.  Leverage us to get this time consuming task off of your plate so that you can focus on growing your business.


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