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Quickbooks Experts

In order to be a successful business owner, you will need to be an expert at least 3 things in this order:

  1. Sales and Marketing Expert - (you first have to sell what you do)
  2. Whatever-You-Actually-Do Expert - (you sold it, now go do it)
  3. Accounting Expert - (people paid you!  Time do handle the debits and credits...and what exactly is that EBITDA thing?)

Let's face didn't go into business because you knew accounting.  You went into business because you had a great idea...a fantastic idea that you believed will change the marketplace.  You are good at what you do, actually you are probably great at it.

You didn’t start an accounting form, but we guess what... we did!
We know QuickBooks.  We are actually certified QuickBooks experts.  One of our team's areas of focus is ongoing professional development and QuickBooks is an integral part of that process for us.


Our expert bookkeeping services ensure confidence that your books are accurate and giving you the true story of your profitability and financial position.  Everything from invoicing, bill entry, bill pay, payroll entry, journal entries, reconciliations, credit card charges, loan balances, depreciation, check writing, customer payments, etc.  Our team will take this time consuming task off your plate and get it done with precision and accuracy!

QuickBooks is an incredible piece of software and it is amazingly useful.  However, there is a problem...QuickBooks assumes that you know what you are doing and so it will usually not tell you when you book something incorrectly.  There are special cases when it will, but 90% of the time you will not be notified that you have coded that particular transaction incorrectly.

Without help you will make the same mistakes over and over again...the result is that you have a set of books that is perpetually inaccurate and puts you at a constant disadvantage in making any business decisions based on your financial statements...because they are wrong.

Accounts Payable

Do your numbers in Accounts Payable (AP) not seem right?  Does the AP say you owe money to a vendor when you know you just paid them?  If you don't correct this issue and stop it from happening in the future, your financial statements will always be lying to you.  We will ensure that all of your vendor balances are correct while matching all bills received and payments made.  Managing this key area drastically impacts the quality of information that you are able to extract out of your QuickBooks file.

Accounts Receivable

Do your numbers in Accounts Receivable (AR) not seem right?  Does it tell you that customers owe more money than you believe they do?  Does it say they owe less than you think they should?  We make sure that each of the balances for your customers is fully updated and reconciled.  Additionally, we can develop a collections plan for delinquent accounts and help facilitate those collections increasing the operational cash flow of your business.

Chart of Accounts Structure

Having an efficient Chart of Accounts allows you to get the most out of your financial reporting.  Have you ever needed to see an income statement by line or by type of business or by location or by department?  Without an effectively optimized chart of accounts, insightful reporting requires extensive manual calculations that must be repeated every time your financials are updated.
Let us help you see segmented reporting to meet your needs through efficient and strategic chart of accounts optimization.

Tax Return

Does your CPA seem to have to do more work each and every year and you aren't sure why?  It is possible that the way that you are keeping your QuickBooks file is increasing your bill from your CPA!  We see it regularly.  The QuickBooks file doesn't match the tax return and there are large errors in the way that records are being kept and where items are being recorded in the Chart of Accounts.  Addressing this area can make your process of doing the tax return preparation much easier and your CPA will love you too!


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